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Catch EVERY Hog In One Night!


Polk, Pasco, & Hillsborough County Trapping Services
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Feral hogs cause approximately $2 billion in damage to U.S. land and crops each year.

Farmers, Ranchers, Hunters,
 State Parks, and Golf Courses all feel the effect of this damage.

They pose risks for disease transmission BETWEEN livestock, pets and humans, while competing for resources with native wildlife and contaminating water supplies.

Feral pigs can have two and sometimes three litters each year with up to 12 pigs per litter.


Conventional trapping systems have a fail to capture rate of 49%!

Our Trapping System Can Catch 100% Of The Hogs On Your Property In A  Single Night! 

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End Your Hog Problems NOW

Polk, Pasco, & Hillsborough County Trapping Services
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